Our Process


The most critical stage in our process. It allows us to formulate a custom tailored decontamination plan based on the risks you face and your unique business requirements.

Business Analysis

We listen carefully to understand the needs and requirements of your organization, looking for the best solution that achieves your objectives.

Swab Testing

We review your in-house results or arrange to take samples from various surfaces to test for contamination. This gives us an accurate reading of your current levels and risk.

Goal Setting

We help you establish goals and put together a plan of action that is effective, safe, measurable and practical. The plan will be designed to target the appropriate level of protection.

Customer Pre-treatment Responsibilities

A thorough cleaning of the surface is essential In order to insure that your sterilization, disinfection or sanitization treatment produces optimal results.

We request that you remove all visual surface contamination and clutter prior to our arrival. Or if you’d prefer, we can arrange for cleaning services as featured on our services and technology pages.


Once the room, building or equipment has been properly prepared, it’s time decontaminate and destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and unwanted contaminates wherever they reside.


Based upon your custom treatment plan, we select from the industries widest range of treatment options including ClorDiSys Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide, Dry Fogging, Wet Fogging, Electrostatic Spaying and Chemical Foaming.

Our unique ability to combine the latest technologies insures that you receive the appropriate treatment level and the best value.

“One size fits all” is not in our vocabulary.

To validate that harmful microorganisms are destroyed, biological or chemical indicators are strategically located throughout the treatment area. Optional Independent microbial swabbing and testing services are available.

The technologies we use are pretty cool- to learn more about them, click here.


We start by helping you select the safest method that meets your unique situation. We take extra precautions by monitoring gas or chemical levels during and after treatment, insuring that decontamination results are achieved and that safety is maintained.

Long Term Protection

The moment you complete an odor remediation project, it can quickly become contaminated again and emit odors. That’s why it’s important to add a long lasting agent that extends your protection.

Antimicrobial Protection

In areas that are prone to constant exposure from odor causing bacteria and mold, we provide you with extended anti-microbial surface protection that lasts up to a year. Similar to how Scotchguard® revolutionized protecting soft goods from stains, our surface protection provides you with an EPA approved method for controlling odors.

This technology is also safe and non-toxic for humans and animals. Think of it as an invisible shield, constantly working to protect you.

Evidence Based Results

Once we have finished decontaminating the area, we validate that your performance goals have been achieved by testing the biological indicators, chemical indicators or by performing a microbial or ATP swab test.

When using biological indicators to measure performance, two indicators are typically placed at each measuring point and tested using the “go-no go” method (i.e. > Log 6 or 99.9999% reduction) along with a positive control sample. Biological indicators inoculated with difficult to kill Geobacilius stearothermophilus Log⁶ bacterial spores are normally used.

After each treatment, a detailed report validating the performance results are provided to each client

Follow Up Testing

For our clients on a preventative service plan, we perform follow-up testing between treatments to make sure that your level of protection is maintained.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Our follow-up testing will give you an objective way to evaluate the effectiveness of your environmental services team and provide clues on how you can improve your cleaning or disinfection procedures. Typically, we uncover small steps that can yield significant benefits.

Employee Training

As part of our standard service, we train your employees on the proper disinfection techniques required to maintain optimal results. Ultimately, if your employees are successful, we’re successful.