Sterilization Level Services

Our sterilization services deliver a log6 or 99.9999% sterility assurance level in high-risk industries and in challenging applications where other technologies often fail. From pharmaceutical manufacturers that struggle with aerosolized fungal contamination, to food processors confounded by Listeria spikes in hard to reach areas, to research facilities trying to protect years of work from cross contamination, to controlled environment manufacturing operations tasked with saving time and money associated with fighting microbial contamination, you now have a proven solution

Target Audience

  • Highly regulated industries where microbial contamination has severe consequences
  • Applications where biological contamination can lead to death or contribute to serious and costly infections
  • Customers where a publicized occurrence can lead to a significant loss of profits, enterprise value and brand value
  • Progressive companies seeking to mitigate risk and establish a robust validation process that limits legal exposure
  • Cost conscious operators seeking to improve utilization rates, reduce downtime and reduce manual cleaning costs
  • Industries and customers desiring EPA, FDA, USDA and ORMI organic approvals

Many higher risk decontamination projects are performed on short notice with operational challenges that impedes the ability of certain technologies to destroy contamination everywhere. Cycle validation is not practical or cost effective in these situations.

Results are achieved the first time, every time

This is where the ClorDiSys approach shines. With flexible treatment parameters, performance is not compromised by microscopic contamination, difficult to reach areas, equipment loading patterns, biofilms, light organic matter, residual water and temperature/humidity gradients. Results are achieved the first time, every time.

Custom Tailored Solutions You Deserve

Some of the things we decontaminate